We believe in a future free of food scarcity where the  many are sustainably fed as a means to mitigate instability and conflict around the globe.

Greg Kelly

Managing Member, CTO/COO

Greg, our CTO/COO, co-founded Ceres Greens out of a passion for fresh, local food to be available yearround, everywhere. Greg is a technologist and inventor, having been a founder or served as a senior executive in seven startup companies spanning forty years. He holds a US Patent for a television event marking system.

Before Ceres Greens, Greg was the founder & President of HortLabs in 2015 to 2016 and CTO of FreshGreens in 2015. Prior to FreshGreens, Greg was the founder & President of TelJet Longhaul, from 2002 – 2013, where he led the company in providing telecom services to financial, educational, government, business enterprise, and telecom carrier customers. 

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Jake Isham

Managing Member, CEO

Jacob, our CEO, co-founded Ceres Greens in October 2016 due to a passion for local food, technology, and food security. Jacob is a native Vermonter, eighth generation farmer, and alumni of Veterans to Farmers (VTF) program for controlled environment agriculture (CEA), hydroponics, and farm management.

Before Ceres Greens, Jacob worked as a Registered Representative with MassMutual from January 2016 to January 2017. He worked on consulting clients on financial planning, achieving Rising Leaders recognition after six months.

Prior to MassMutual, Jacob was an Infantry Officer in the United States Army from October 2012 to January 2016. He graduated Infantry Basic Officer Leadership Course on the Commandant’s List and entered the U.S. Army Ranger School at Fort Benning in 2013. Prior to finishing the course, he was medically removed and spent two years in recovery. While assigned to a Warrior Transition Unit, he was placed in positions with the Vermont Army National Guard and U.S. Department of State before being medically retired in January 2016.

“Farming is an essential need for humanity, the most basic of activities we do to ensure we live healthy prosperous lives. Using technology and innovation to improve our current practices is for me one of the most important needs for ensuring humanity’s continued prosperity and growth.” – Jake

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Holly St. Jean

Production & Sustainability Manager

Before joining Ceres Greens in 2018, Holly was finishing her Bachelors Degree from the University of Vermont in Environmental Science. Since joining she has received her degree and expanded upon her indoor growing knowledge base 10-fold. She now has extensive experience in all things vertical farming. This includes plant nutrition, plant science, pest control, production planning and management, staff training, and data management. Additionally, Holly has taken the initiative to create our social media presence and takes pride in being able to educate others on the importance of producing local food in a sustainable manner.

Previously, while pursuing her bachelors degree, Holly took advantage of everything her program had to offer her. She interned at the EPA, environmental engineering firms, conducted research with the University of Vermont, took on coding classes and led programs to educate students on the importance of renewable energy. Since Ceres Greens’ goal is to become a Net Zero company, the skills she has been able to bring the table have helped us exponentially continue to expand, grow, and improve upon the sustainability of our company. Holly is a leader on our team, bringing in, training and supervising our team of interns from local high schools and has participated in our leadership training and development , bringing new ideas and leadership to our growing business.

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