Spring Mix

The Ceres Greens Spring Mix is a delightful blend of red and green leaf lettuces. Combined to make a tasty, vitamin packed plate of flavors.

Spice up your next salad or make a grab-and-go snack with an assortment of mild and punchy leafy greens. Each leaf is hand selected for quality and harvested fresh. This light and flavorful combination is the perfect fix for a mid day craving or dressed up appetizer.


Did you know?

  • The modern spring mix originated from Provence France as an assortment of young salad greens.
  • Baby Dandelions were originally a common component of the spring mix.
  • Spring Mix was originally referred to as mesclun and is derived from the French word mesclar or “mix thoroughly.”

How To Purchase

Interested in carrying Ceres Greens Spring Mix in your store or restaurant?

Email our Sales Department: weston@ceresgreens.com OR Order directly through our distributors at: Black River Produce and Reinhart Food Service